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My sculptures often depict figures that appear trapped within their own bodies, conveying a sense of confinement and longing to break free from the constraints of existence. They sit and lean forward, as if burdened by the weight of their emotions, while their downward gaze signifies a detachment from their inner selves—a reflection of the result of fleeing from the depths of their own feelings.

In these works, I explore the concept of being an outsider, of feeling isolated and disconnected from the world around us. The figures' postures and expressions reflect the struggles of navigating life's complexities, and their act of holding their heads with their hands symbolizes an internal dialogue, a quest for answers to existential questions that arise within.

By presenting these figures in a state of contemplation and introspection, I invite viewers to reflect upon their own experiences of navigating the complexities of existence. The sculptures serve as a catalyst for self-reflection, prompting us to examine our own relationships with emotions, identity, and the world around us.

Through the interplay of form and symbolism, I aim to evoke empathy and connection, encouraging viewers to recognize their own vulnerabilities and seek understanding in the shared human experience. My sculptures are not meant to provide definitive answers but rather to spark a dialogue, to provoke thought and introspection, and to inspire a deeper exploration of our own emotional landscapes.

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